Data Science Professional Attitude Skills

If you are motivated to learn and have attended formal education in the past you can still get into data science. The first step is to start learning to code in python through our online pre-work, which takes about 40 hours before starting the formal training.

Data Science Professional Attitude Skills

  • Accept/be ready for iterative development, know when to stop, comfortable with failure, accept the symmetry of outcome (both positive and negative results are valuable)
  • Ask the right questions
  • Recognise what things are important and what things are not important
  • Respect domain/subject matter knowledge in the area of data science
  • Data driven problem solver and impact-driven mindset
  • Recognise value of data, work with raw data, exercise good data intuition
  • Good sense of metrics, understand importance of the results validation, never stop looking at individual examples
  • Be aware about power and limitations of the main machine learning and data analytics algorithms and tools
  • Understand that most of data analytics algorithms are statistics and probability based, so any answer or solution has some degree of probability and represent an optimal solution for a number of variables and factors
  • Working in agile environment and coordinate with other roles and team members
  • Work in multi-disciplinary team, ability to communicate with the domain and subject matter experts
  • Embrace online learning, continuously improve your knowledge, use professional networks and communities
  • Story Telling: Deliver actionable result of your analysis
  • Attitude: Creativity, curiosity (willingness to challenge status quo), commitment in finding new knowledge and progress to completion
  • Ethics and responsible use of data and insight delivered, awareness of dependability (data scientist is a feedback loop in data driven companies)

Developing Your Skill in Data Science

Our program is designed for IT and non-IT professionals

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    Be ready to practice data science

    IDSA courses are designed to prepare students for real commercial work in the area of data science, AI and big data.

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    Receive the best training

    IDSA trainers are actively working in the industry and will teach you how to practice data science and advanced analytics.

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    Get more support and guidance

    The member network offers support and guidance from mentors and direct connections to the industry. You will meet employers in-person at IDSA events.