Profesional Certification

Steps to Certification

IDSA is the professional membership body for organisations and professionals working in the Data Science and Data Analytics sector in Nigeria and across African countries. Established and registered in Nigeria as a membership body; the organisation is growing rapidly representing interested individuals, corporations, Small and Medium Enterprises, professional organisations, data science and IT professionals.


Steps to Certification

(This process may change with no prior notification)

  • Only Associate Members, Full Members, and Fellows of the Institution are qualified for this certification program.
  • Pay the require accreditation fee of N30,000, and proceed to apply for certification, uploading evidence of your experience including your CV and academic qualifications.
  • IDSA Membership and Certification Committee (IMCC) meet to review your applications. IMCC meet once in a month to review and consider certification applications.
  • If qualified, attend one of the IDSA events to receive your awards.

What is the Certification process?

If you believe you already have the requisite education, skills and experience to qualify as a professional in your chosen field, you can register for certification and upload evidence of your experience and qualifications (Degrees, Diplomas, Curriculum Vitae, LinkedIn profile, Employers References) to IDSA Membership and Certifications Committee for review.

If you’re not yet ready for certification, we have identified a learning path of online courses with our partners, which are mapped to our requirements for qualification. Should you choose to expand your skills and knowledge with any of our partners or outside of our programs, you can return to us, once your training is complete and submit your application for review.

How long does it take?

IDSA IMCC sits once in a month. Fully completed applications for certifications will be reviewed at that meeting. Candidates will be informed shortly thereafter. You can expect to hear back from us within four weeks.

Who is on the Membership Committee?

Our Membership Committee includes senior experts from our IDSA Advisory Council both locally and internationally.

Who is on the Committee?

Our Qualification Committee includes senior experts from our IDSA Advisory Council both locally and internationally.

Does the Certification Fee include the online training?

No. The Certification Fee includes assessment, the award of the Qualification and listing on our Professional Register, once qualified.